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My article on MSDN Magazine is out!

App development is by definition an iterative process, so you’ll want to understand, in the shortest possible time, how your app is used and how a new version or feature may impact user behavior. How much is a feature really used? What is the user behavior on a specific page? How much time does a user spend to accomplish a specific task? What are the most common hardware configurations? What’s going on when a crash happens? How successful are trial versions and in-app purchases? Do your users run the app offline? These are only some of the questions a telemetry system can answer.

<p>In this article, I’ll focus on Google Analytics, because it’s one of the most widely used providers on other platforms, including the Web, and it’s a great choice if you’ve already instrumented a Web site with Google and want to use the same account for apps. I’ll describe how to collect telemetry information with Google Analytics, and analyze the collected data, such as installed app versions, geographic distribution, and user behaviors, and how to perform an A/B Testing.”</p> <p>https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/mt238405</p>