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Master controller can not communicate with Service Catalog (that is on the same machine) when it is balanced with external hardware.
This kind of error can happen in the scenario bellow 
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CLIENT: order requester
VCSF: load balancer hardware
CSF01: Master controller + service catalog
CSF02: Master controller + service catalog
PSM: product service mapping web service
This is the sequence:
Client call master controller in order to send a order request:
Master controller call product service mapping
   TO: http://PSM/psm.ashx  
Master controller call service catalog
(***) Here there is the error because it can happen that from a balanced node (CSF01) isn't reachable the virtual IP VCSF because hardware balancer limit.
In order to fix this issue: Open /Microsoft CSF/configuration/SBE master controller.config and:
(1) Set MultipleOHSBEs=true
(2.1) on CSF01: Set ServiceCatalogResponseReplyTo=http://CSF01/MasterController/SbeMasterController.ashx  
(2.2) on CSF02: Set ServiceCatalogResponseReplyTo=http://CSF02/MasterController/SbeMasterController.ashx
(3) iisreset