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Step to extract a content type and columns to CAML (XML)

  • Create you content type and columns in the web UI.
  • Create a list/library item using you new content type.
  • Load up Sharepoint Designer to the site where you created you item.
  • From the File menu, click Export -> Personal Web Package.
  • In the export web package window select the list/library where your create the item using the new content type and click add.
  • Save the package to your local drive.
  • Next browse to where you saved the file and rename it from .fwp to .cab.
  • Extract manifest.xml to your local drive.
  • Load the file up in your favourite XML viewer (might take a second or two it can be a large file).
  • Navigate to the UserLists/Field node (Solution/UserLists/Fields).
  • within this node look for your field, you will be able to see the CAML that describes your field.