NicolTIP#025–How to keep up to date your local copy of SysInternals tools

May 23, 2011 - less than 1 minute read

Even if http:\\ is great when you’re not on your pc, I usually prefer to have locally all Russinovich Tools.

The problem is that you have to keep up to date your local copy, problem that, I resolved writing the following PowerShell script (“Sysinternals Update.ps1”)

   1:  net use k: 
   2:  Robocopy.exe k:\tools 'C:\Sysinternals\Local' /MIR
   3:  net use k: /delete

It copies in c:\SysInternals\local all tools. Remember that if you don’t want to double-click on it now and then, there is task scheduler that can help you.